Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Best Christmas Gift Ever

Can't decide what gift to give that special someone this holiday season? Looking for something different to give this year? Then look no more! The Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington, Illinois is selling Sparkling Reindeer Dung necklaces this year for holiday gifts. Yes, you read that right. Reindeer crap to be hung around your neck. And since they were apparently worried about brown being a popular color, they decided to add some glitter bling to it.

Per the newspaper article:
The limited-edition Magical Reindeer Gem necklaces will debut Friday at the Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington.

The $15 pendant necklaces contain dried, sterilized reindeer droppings — sprayed with glitter — on a beaded chain. They'll be available at the zoo's gift shop, or by mail for $20.

Unfortunately, the article did not contain pictures. And when going to the zoo's website, it too, did not have a picture of this lovely gem necklace. However there was a picture of the pretty reindeer crap tree ornament that apparently went like hot cakes last year.

So there you have it. The perfect Christmas gift for that special someone. Nothing says "I love you" more than dried reindeer crap to hang on your neck. Smell not included.


Maureen said...

Alex, my dh is from Bloomington, and we have been to Miller Park Zoo! If I need any last minute presents for my in-laws, I'll know just where to shop!


Jennifer said...


that is about all I can say about that:))

Terri said...