Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kitchen Street - Osaka

On what would be the US's Thanksgiving Day, Mary Gail and I decided to venture to Osaka for a trip to Kitchen Street. Neither of us wanted to sit around home, so we decided to head out for a little adventure.

Kitchen Street is a long tunnel full of stores many local restaurants will come to shop for items to use in their places.

The stores inside Kitchen Street sell just about anything you can imagine, such as aprons, kitchen gadgets, table wear, baking items, sign boards, chopsticks, paper lanterns, contemporary furniture, and even plastic food.

There were several pottery stores, many filled wall-to-wall with bowls, plates, platters, tea kettles and chopstick holders.

I was so overwhelmed with all the cool pottery that I couldn't figure out just what I wanted. After scouring the stores for a few hours all I managed to buy was 8 chopstick holders and a wine bucket –– all costing less than ¥1900 (around $20). I will have to go back soon to select some of the pottery dishes.

After we wandered Kitchen Street we went over to Namba Parks mall where Mary Gail told me she knew of a Hawaiian restaurant that was pretty good.

I was so excited when I saw the menu. In a country where only a few import stores carry turkey one time per year, this restaurant had a turkey and avocado sandwich served on wheat bread.

I got turkey on Thanksgiving!!!

We also split the biggest basket of fries I have ever seen in Japan.

Turkey and the day with a friend -- it turned out to be a nice Thanksgiving after all.