Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Halloween Japan Style

Halloween is not a big holiday in Japan. Over the past few years it has increased in popularity, but it is more decorations and sweets than costumes and treats. So instead, some of the expat families organized parties and trick or treating for their own areas.

We were exhausted, just taking the red eye home from our fall break in Bali. (Don't worry. I will be blogging about that soon!) But we managed to figure out costumes for the kids and went to two little parties.

The first was in a neighborhood a few streets over. There was about 20 kids in total and most of the adults came in costume. (Okay all but Matt and I came in costume) The kids and I only stayed about an hour because we have trick or treat in our neighborhood to do as well. But the kids had fun playing games and doing a craft in the time we were there.

The other was in our area and we hosted a small Japanese orphanage to come trick or treat with us. It was so cute watching them all get excited about their costumes and the candy. Most of them can't speak English, but they loved saying trick or treat. It warmed my heart seeing these kids so happy. As you can tell, there were very few of us expats in this bunch.

And in the end, even Emily and our neighbor, Maggie, joined in the fun. Meet Pepper and Salt! (Give them a break. They had about 20 minutes to come up with something)

Happy belated Halloween all!

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Confessions Of A Working Mom said...

I had to check your blog, because your profile almost made me think I'd found a long-lost friend from college (yes, she's named Alexis and lives in Japan)... you're not her, *but* I did have a great time looking at your blog! It's always so interesting to hear how "American" holidays are perceived abroad!