Friday, January 15, 2010

Afternoon at the Instant Ramen Noodle Factory

The weather has been colder than usual here, so last Saturday we bundled up and decided to spend the afternoon at the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum in Ikeda, Osaka. While we were unable to read most of what was displayed, there were lots of things to look at, and more importantly, the kids got to make their own Instant Cup of Noodles!

This is the inventor of the instant ramen noodle –– Momofuku Ando. I guess he is like the Colonel Sanders of Japan.

When you enter the first part of the museum, you are able to see the history of the instant ramen noodle. Most of this we could not read, but it was fun to look at the memorabilia and make up our own dialogue.

Sometimes reading Japanese to English translation here is like reading what a 1st grader writes. The words are spelled exactly how they sound.

In Japan you can seriously but anything in a vending machine, including instant ramen noodles.
Koichi Wakata is a Japanese astronaut staying at the International Space Station, and guess what he likes to eat in space. Yep! Instant ramen.

Another interesting area was a "Wall of Ramen", showing every instant ramen noodle product made. Who knew there are so many instant ramen noodle products!

The best part of the whole museum was getting to make your own instant ramen noodle cup.

First, buy your container for a mere ¥300 (about $3.10 USD).
Next, decorate your cup.
Third, put ramen noodles in the cup.
Forth, pick your dried ingredients. You can choose 4 items from egg, pork, shrimp, green onions, garlic, cheese, garlic, corn, chicken and asparagus.
Fifth, seal on your lid.
Lastly, shrink wrap your cup.

After your cup is all shrink wrapped you get to stick it in this protected air pouch with a long neck strap. I guess they want to make sure your cup makes it home in one piece.
I really wanted to make my own cup, however Matt made fun of me so I abstained. I did manage to get my picture taken with the giant instant ramen cup.


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mama2dibs said...

Thank you! I needed that laugh.

Crysm said...

That is so awesome! I totally would have made my own cup, I LOVE instant ramen noodles. I can definitely say I am jealous.

Melanie said...

Awesome! My kids LOVE Ramen Noodles! I'll have to show them your post :o)

Susan said...

I would never have thought a tour of the noodle factory could look like so much fun! Jealous!