Monday, January 18, 2010

Stop Kindling Me

I have very mixed feelings about the ever so popular Kindle. Well really any electronic book reader.

I love the idea of having 1,500 books at my fingertips and be able to take them anywhere at anytime. I love the idea of loading up my Kindle for a plane ride (especially those long ones) and not have to worry about the added weight of every book. Yes, I have been known several times to be over weight on luggage just because of books. It would be handy for car rides and perfect for reading in the dark. And when I am not sure what I want to read? Who cares! I will have 1,500 books to read from. And considering the difficulty of buying English books where I live, a Kindle would be a perfect solution. Frankly, this little gem would be perfect for me.

So why haven't I jumped on board? Several reasons really. And to many of you, they will sound really crazy.
  1. I would be too scared to read in the bath. No way would I risk dropping a $250 electronic device in the tub. And reading in the shower would become completely impossible. (Yes, I have been known to read in the shower. I know. Weird.)
  2. I would no longer be able to share my books. I own over 1,000 books and am the personal library to many people. In fact, several people are on long-term loan for some of my books while we are living overseas. I love to share my books and share my love of reading with others. I wonder if I could making being an at-home librarian a successful at home businesses.
  3. I would no longer be able to give books as gifts. I know I could give a "Kindle Book", but how would I write a personal message? Gifting an electronic book just seems, well, different.
  4. My relationship with books would be changed forever. Some people are comfort eaters. Others may be comfort shoppers or drinkers. I am a comfort "bookie". When I need to escape or decompress I love to feel, smell and buy books. Yes, the touch and smell of a book makes everything better. In facts books were one of my solaces after Allison died. Somehow my relationship with a Kindle would seem so cold and impersonal.
  5. If I continue to take a stand against electronic readers then I am preserving a spot in the future for places like Barnes and Nobles, Borders and public libraries. Sure it sounds crazy to think that books could be replaced by these little devices, but ask newspapers, records, cassette tapes and even CDs what they think.
  6. My dream of owning a house with a wall-to-wall library would be completely shot.
And while I am not ready to jump on board quite yet, but I can't help but think what it would be like to press the "place order" button the 50+ times I have added a Kindle to my online shopping cart.


mama2dibs said...

I can feel you on this one. I don't have ANY desires to buy one because I'm usually the one driving and I have perfectly good access to books since I'm still in America. I just have a hard time concentrating when I'm not able to flip the pages. I love that you have so many makes me not feel so alone. I have over 2500 and I am sad that no one DOES borrow books from me. Maybe I should catalogue them all so I always have a list with me. :) Anyway, I know I don't have the time to read as many books as you do...which makes me, oh, so jealous! But, I hope to be back into the swing of things when I enter the next phase of life called...NO MORE PRESCHOOLERS!!! :)

Cate said...

Did you know that the Kindle app is free for your iPhone? You still have to buy the Kindle edition books, but at least if you don't buy the actual Kindle you won't feel guilty for primarily buying actual books which it's clear you love and would miss and could use the Kindle for your iPhone when you're traveling or otherwise would like multiple books stored on one device.

BTW, I tried it out on my iPhone and it's very readable.

Terri said...

I do want a kindle but I would never give up regular books. I too love the smell and feel of going to the books...and going to the library? ecstasy!