Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Japanniversary to Me! (Well and the kids too)

A year ago I was laying in a hotel room, unable to sleep, writing my last blog post before moving to Japan. I had absolutely no idea what to expect once we got here, and that unknown was terrifying. It was an emotional night. But through the tears, fears and excitement, I felt in my heart that God was about to take our family on an amazing adventure.

So we left our house
and some amazing friends
and went to the airport

to board an airplane
bound for Osaka.
The kids and I said goodbye to America for the last time
and flew almost 17 hours
to say hello to Japan, our new home for the next 3-5 years.
Reflections from our first year as expats living in Japan will come soon. I promise.


Melanie said...

Happy Japanniversary!!! I know that must have been terrifying, but you stepped out of your comfort zone and trusted God and look where you are now. You seem to be doing great and adjusting well and just think all of the awesome once in a lifetime memories y'all are making :o)

Christi said...

I can't believe it has already been a year! Happy Japanniversary!

Madison Richards said...

Seems fairly unbelievable that it's been a whole year.. Looking forward to your thoughts and "ramblings" from your life there.

I'm sure you've grown and changed, all of you. Can't wait to read more!!

Carey said...

Happy one year!

Deborah said...

happy one year!

Jill said...

Happy Japanniversary!! What an exciting adventure you've been on!

Terri said...

aww, you made it through the first year! two to go! :o)