Thursday, February 04, 2010

Cruising down the, well sidewalk?

Tuesday Matt had a work dinner and Emily had gymnastics practice so it was just Chris, Sam and I for supper. They had clubs after school so I had to pick them up at the train. I had not made plans for dinner and since I had a cooking class that day wasn't really feeling like making anything. As I waited for them at the train station I decided to be a really lazy and unhealthy cool mom and grab McDonald's.

I turned down a side street that I have never been down before and figured I could get back onto the main road that way. Now let me stop here and explain something about many Japanese "streets". They are more like cattle shoots. Only one car can go down many of them so if you see someone coming towards you, you have to find a driveway, patch of dirt or some place to move over and allow the other person to pass. It really is a pain.

So I turn down this side street and go down the hill to where the street curved to the right. I was driving parallel to the train tracks and thinking how really narrow this street was. It curved to the right again and that is when I realized that my "street" was actually a sidewalk. Yep, that is right. My little Toyota Wish was barrelling down the sidewalk of Japan.

The bigger question was how to get off the sidewalk. Chris was laughing so hard at me, as was the people passing on the main street. Luckily there was a real side street quickly and we were able to get off the sidewalk and be driving legally. Needless to say after that I went home and cooked the kids dinner. I wasn't up for the adventure of ordering at McDonald's.

Oye... another story to write in the adventure book. I am going to have to overdose on anti aging product while living here.


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