Sunday, February 07, 2010

Walking on the Wild Side

Today I lived dangerously. That's right. I did something very against all the rules and protocols of Japan. You ready for it? I walked across the road during a green light. **gasp**

The Japanese refuse to cross the street if there is a green light or if the "little green walk man" has not appeared. In the city I can understand, however we are talking every single street and alley. There may not be a car in sight and yet they will still stand there, right at the curb, waiting for the light to change. (I swear Japanese can make a careers out of waiting.) And if you cross the road "illegally" you will hear someone gasp. We are so used to waiting by now that if we see someone cross when they shouldn't we always joke about them being a rebel.

I am very impatient, so I really hate being a good girl and waiting for the light to change. And today when Emily and I were carrying 6 bags of grocery's a mile up the hill (no joke) I threw all caution to the wind and took a walk on the wild side –– I crossed the street when the light was green. I am so going to Japanese hell.


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