Sunday, October 03, 2010

Regyurā Mantan Onegaishimasu

Surprisingly, one of the easiest things to do in Japan is to fill your gas tank. However, I would have to say what makes it so easy is that you don't really do any of it yourself. Sticking to Japan's high standard of customer service, full service gas stations are the norm. There are self serve pumps, and the tend to be a few yen cheaper, but they are confusing to us non-Japanese reading people.

One thing you will notice at many of the full service gas stations is absence of standing pumps.  As you pull into the station, the service man will direct you to your "spot". From there he will come to your window and you tell him "regyurā mantan onegaishimasu" (regular gas please) and then "Genkin de" (cash) or "cardo" (credit card).

The pump hose actually comes from the ceiling of the station. The amount of liters being put into the vehicle is then displayed on electronic signboards.

While gas is being pumped the serviceman will wipe down all your windows. In some places they will offer you a rag to wash your dashboard.  As my previous readers know, this is something that was a bit of a learning curve for me.

When the tank is full and the windows are sparkling, the serviceman will hand you a receipt to show how much you owe.

Yes, it costs me ¥6,500 ($78.00) to fill my tank right now. It's approximately $5.15 a gallon. Thank goodness I only fill my tank about once a month.

After you pay, the serviceman will direct your car out into the street.  It will be hard to not have traffic stopped for me after I fill my tank when we return to the United States. I am totally loving the customer service here.

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