Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sports Day 2010

As I have mentioned in previous entries, Japan has many different holiday's than we do in the United States. After all, why would Japan celebrate Columbus Day or Lincoln's Birthday? Last Monday was Sports Day. It is always held the second Monday in October and is a day to promote sports and physical and mental health. Many schools and businesses hold a "mini Olympics" type event on this day. 

On this day, Canadian Academy cancels all classes and the kids spend the morning doing their own field day. The first half, the whole school rotates through events, such as parachutes, giant ball toss, water pass, obstacle course, scooters and rocket launch. The elementary kids and 6th graders get paired up with someone in grades 7-12 and it is fun to watch the older kids mentor the younger ones. Then everyone breaks for lunch and the PTA sponsors Thai, Indian, Korean and sandwich booths. After lunch the kids head towards their own school (elementary, middle and high) field time and each school has their own activities.The elementary and middle school had a variety of activities, while the high school mainly had track and field type of events.

Sports Day is a day I think all the kids like. It is nice to leave all the books behind and get out of the classroom every once in a while. We already are looking forward to next year's.

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