Thursday, October 21, 2010

Apple Picking in Japan

The weather has been really nice so last weekend we decided to take advantage of it and head up the mountain to attempt a little apple picking. Most of the apple orchards are in Northern Japan, so we didn't to experience a real orchard. However, there is a park on the top of the mountain that has different seasonal fruit trees that you can pick.

This was our first time going to the Fruit and Flower Park.  The place had a small amusement park, shops, a hotel, picnic areas, outdoor swimming pools, two playgrounds, a cart track, and the orchards.

 It took us a while to find the orchards as they were quite a walk from the rest of the park. After we finally found them, we were completely confused trying to figure out the process. Between my little Japanese speaking ability and their completely zero English speaking ability it was quite a game of charades. We thought we had to pay per person to pick the apples and then again pay for the apples that we picked. In the end it turned out you pay to pick and eat apples until you barf and then pay for any you wanted to take home. 

Sami has never been apple picking so she had a blast picking the perfect apples and having Matt hoist her up to grab them off the tree. We managed to eat enough apples to make our stomachs hurt and take a few home for later. 

Chris and Sami had a great time. Emily was sad to have missed out (she had a school function that day) so we have told her we will have to return for peach season. After all, the idea of eating all the peaches you can until you barf is way more appealing than apples.

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