Friday, November 19, 2010

The Burger Pit

Earlier this fall I had been told the cafeteria manager at the kids school had opened a "real" burger restaurant near our house. We were very excited as the typical "burger" in Japan actually tastes more like meatloaf.  So today Matt and I decided to enjoy the beautiful weather and walk 15 minutes with Chris to The Burger Pit.

The restaurant itself is small. There are a few tables and then counter-like seating all around the cooking grill.  It was impressively clean and decorated with lots of Canadian flags and posters. (Jeff the owner is from Canada).

The menu was in Japanese an English and full of pictures. The menu features several different burgers, grilled chicken (which looked amazing) and grilled tofu.  And even more exciting than a real burger, was fresh-cut, homemade french fries. As for drinks, you can get many different sodas, Canadian beer and wine, Japanese draft beer and imported beer, such as Sam Adams, Corona, Guiness, and Budweiser.

The burgers are grilled right in front of you, which makes the ambiance of the place pretty cool.
All three of us ordered a regular cheeseburger set, which included homemade fries and a soda. The burger came topped with fresh lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles. The owner said he prides himself in using fresh ingredients.

After we finished our burger, Chris got to mark North Carolina on the the world map, showing where we lived before we came to Japan.

So Kobe now has a real burger shop. All we need is some good Mexican food and a buffalo wing shop and I will be a happy little expat.


Flora said...
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Flora said...

I'm still trying to find a decent Mexican restaurant here in Singapore, too. I'm from California, land of Mexican restaurants on every corner.

Great blog!


Jay & Velvet Audino said...

Hello. Thanks for posting about The Burger Pit. My wife and I will have to try it when she returns from the US after her surgery.
Have you tried El Pancho (Mexican) in Osaka Shinsaibashi. My boss worked for years in Mexico City and said it is authentic. My wife and I ate there last month and we enjoyed it. I think they have a guitar player sing some US songs every night. It was a fun night and the food was good.
Thanks again.