Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The request line is open!

For the past two years I have been boring my readers with all my Japanese babble and what I think people would like to know about living here in Japan.  So now I am going to let you ask me questions.

What questions you have about Japan?  Have you always wondered if something you may have heard about about Japan or the Japanese people is true? Do you have any questions about the expat life? What would you like to read about? I will do my best to find the answers if I do not already know them. And who knows... It's been a while since I made a fool of myself. So I am sure there will be some adventures in doing so.

Please keep your requests and questions PG-13 and under related. After all my parents do read my blog and I have this good girl image to protect.


Miss Footloose | Life in the Expat Lane said...

You asked! Maybe I shouldn't answer because this happens to be the first time I've come across your blog, but here goes anyway:

Having lived in a number of foreign countries myself, I always enjoy reading stories from other expats about the little daily events of their foreign life: the stuff you don't learn from guidebooks. The repairman who fixes your stove, the way people shop in the stores, the "strange" parties, the little cultural mishaps, the humorous misunderstandings, and so on.

I know nothing of Japan, so a, ready to learn ;)

Anonymous said...

1. Okay so this is something I am wondering: What is Japan's view towards menstruation and is it taboo to talk about? Are the "feminine products" similar to that of the US? I once was a buyer for a toystore and one of the products available from Sanrio (Hello Kitty) was Hello Kitty sanitary pads from Japan, so I've been curious ever since.
2. Can you buy basic drugstore things like antacids, laxatives, etc over the counter? Or do you have to go to a pharmacy and ask? I was in Amsterdam once, needed ahem, well a laxative, and couldn't find any except at a druggist shop.

Thanks. Enjoy your blog!

alaskagirl said...

My family and I are considering moving to central or south america if we can get our house sold here in the states.

So....in your opinion what are the pros/cons to living abroad? My boys are 8 & 6 - what do you think the advantages/disadvantages are for kids? Any advice?