Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Smarter with Age-- I Think Not

Back in November 2009, I stupidly agreed to do the famous Kansai 56K (34.8 miles) hike. To my defense I was caught up in the excitement of completing such a feat while living in Japan. I mean, when else would I get to experience such an amazing adventure?  Apparently three years later.

Yes, you heard it. I am doing that stupid, crazy, no fun, painful, toenail injuring, long, hike again. Somehow my "friends" (I mean really are they your friends if they talk you into something so stupid and make you give into peer pressure?) convinced me that it will be a great, memorable time that we can forever look back on doing together. I will reserve judgement until after Nov. 11, but somehow I am thinking it will not be as fun as promised.

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Penfuin said...

Yup, insane.