Monday, October 23, 2006

Biblical Ponderings

One of the hard parts about moving is trying to find a new church. We have been lucky and have found a good church that we feel comfortable with, want to become involved in and the kids seem to really enjoy. (and serving Krispy Kreme's also helps, haha)

We are finishing up a series on Genesis, and as much as it seems like a "history lesson", I have found myself enjoying it. Typically most of the life applications studies and series seem to come from the New Testament. Not as much time is spent focusing on the "history" portion of the bible. Sure we all have heard the story of how the world and man were created. But how often do we really sit and study it in depth?

Anyways, today's lesson was on the "Fall of Man". The "first sin". After a 30 minute in-depth look at the serpent, Adam, Eve, God, the tree of Knowledge and the consequences of that sin I have found myself doing what I typically do about every subject (and not just biblically)... ask questions. Poor Matt has had to endure another day of "Well why" and "How about" and "What do you think". (And we wonder where the kids get it from)

So here is just a few questions/thoughts of the day:
  • Just what kind of fruit was on that tree? Why do people always assume that it was an apple tree, when in reality the bible never says?
  • Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons? Belly buttons are created when the umbilical cord is cut, and well, they were never cut from an umbilical cord.
  • Didn't Eve think something funny was up when suddenly a serpent started talking to her? (even if it didn't look like what we think of as a snake today, it was still an animal regardless) Or did all animals talk back then? Seriously, I would think something funny was going on if some animal just started talking to me. (Matt started cracking up at that one when I leaned over and asked him that during church)
  • Why did Adam and Eve use fig leaves to cover up with? Fig leaves are scratchy and prickly. Not the smartest move on their part.
  • Who did Adam and Eve's children marry? It is said that they had over 50 children (and that is without an epidural!), so did they all just marry each other?
  • And where do dinosaurs fit into the bible? (okay so it doesn't go along with this lesson but I use every chance I get to ask Matt this question)
Happy pondering!

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jamie said...

ok you know me. The dinosaur question has popped into my mind more times than I can count. This is part of my confusion so ok I will bite the bullet. I am going to go straight to the answer key and ask my mil this weekend. Can you imagine that phone call hey mom hows it going good, by the way can you explain to me where the heck the dinos fit into the bible??