Monday, October 23, 2006

Pressie from the Hubby

Matt and I have been talking about trying to find something that we can do "together". With our location, the logical choice was golfing.

Matt and I have gone golfing together a few times before, but with the kids it just hasn't been feasible to do the past few years. (okay the past 10 years LOL) But the kids are older now and there are some great places to go near here so we have decided that we are going to try to get out and go together.

I figure I like golfing, I like being outside, I love clubhouse food and it is great exercise walking and carrying the clubs. Plus I get to spend some time with Matt, and as long as he is winning it will be a good time. The only downfall is that you get some nasty tan lines and you have to wear socks.

The clubs that I have were my grandmothers, and while they are great for sentimental reasons, they are not very practical when it comes to using them. So today Matt bought me a present.

A set of pretty pink clubs!! I didn't get the cool pink bag but it is on my Christmas list, along with a request for pink balls.

Now I am just hoping that it is nice enough one day soon to go try them out. Afterall I have promised to play my mom in the spring (and she just won her league's tournament) and I can't let my mom beat me.

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