Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bond Issue

It is weird actually living in a place where people want to move. People were begging to move out of Decatur, and people are begging to move to the Wake County area. In a single year, 25k additional people are moving to Wake County.Why are so many people moving here? Just a few reasons:
  • Wake County has been voted #1 Best Public Education System (Expansion Management, 2006 Education Quotient)
  • Wake County has the #2 highest graduation rate (82.2%) among the 50 largest school districts nationally (Education Week, June 2006)
  • Wake County is the #2 Best Place for Business and Careers (Forbes, May 2005)
  • Wake County is one of the Top 20 Best Places to Live, Work & Play (, November 2005)
(Could we have picked any better of a place to move our family to??)

The Wake County Schools for this school year have added 7,600 NEW students. The schools have been growing by similar growth for years. More than 1,000 mobile and modular units are in use to accomodate the growth and 19 elementary schools and several middle schools will be converted to year round schools next year. The school system needs to build more schools. Our schools are over crowded (however we have 17 kids in a class, so thats good compared to where we came from) And how will they do that? By placing a $970 million Bond issue on the ballot. This bond issue would build 17 new schools, renovate 13 exisiting schools, repairs and maintenance on over 100 other schools, maintain a 5 year technology replacement program and buy land for 13 future schools.

Last night I went to a meeting explaining the bond issue. Since we are new here I felt it is my duty to become educated so I know how to place my vote. (and yes, Matt and I both registered to vote already. Kind of funny considering we haven't registered our vehicles yet)

Regardless how the issue passes, something has to be done. If this bond doesn't pass the county commissioners can raise taxes to 10¢ per $100 valuation (compared to the 4.7¢ in the bond), all the schools may have to go to a year round schedule, and split shifts may have to be activated in the high schools (imagine high schoolers running through the neighborhood at noon each day because that is when their shift gets out of school).

I have decided that I am in full support of the Bond Issue here. I know that many of you who read this blog do not live in Wake County. But I encourage you to get educated on what is on your ballot this November election. Look at how those issues will affect you... your family... and the future generations. Then go vote. Make your voice be heard. Each and every vote counts.

(okay I really feel like I should end this blog with Thank you. And God Bless America. So instead I will just hop off my soap box now)

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