Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Must Read

For those who know me, you know that reading is a passion of mine. One of my
favorite authors is Nicholas Sparks. For those who are not readers, you may
have seen some movies based on his books. (A Walk to Remember, Message in a
Bottle or The Notebook) I always rush to buy his books when they first come
out (Dear John comes out Monday... just a little plug) but one I did not was
his memoir called Three Weeks With My Brother. I am not big on memoirs so I
wasn't in any hurry to read it, and frankly it was pushed to the back of my

Last week I was at Borders and it was on the bargain rack. I picked it up
and decided to read it. I really wish that I wouldn't have waited. It was
such an awesome book. I often wondered how a man could write novels such as
his. After reading this book and learning about his life, I no longer
wonder. Every word he writes come from the heart and has been influenced by
circumstances in his life. How one person could have made it through the
trials handed to him and his family and still be the type of man he is,
amazes me.

I challenge everyone to read this book. It truly is more than just about a
three week trip around the world that he took with his brother Micah. It is
about how to survive life, and still be able to hold your head up. It is
about figuring out what is important in life. It is about a lesson in faith.
It is about how we each deal with things in different ways. It is about

Read it. I promise you won't regret it.

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