Saturday, November 11, 2006

Is it really November?

82 degrees and sunny. That is what the van's outside temp read as we pulled away from the beach at 2 pm today. Yes, you heard that right, we were at the beach –– in November. And there was bathing suits, sand toys and swimming in the ocean involved. I love it here.

Jamie and the girls drove in from Illinois on Wednesday to visit us for a long weekend. I couldn't have ordered better weather for their visit. It was so nice that we decided to take our girls and one of the neighbor girls and hit the beach for a few hours today for some R&R. The kids had a blast, as you will be able to see from the pics. They even got to see the dolphins playing and jumping in the water. The worst part of the day was no one brought any sunblock. I mean, seriously, Illinois and Ohio do not require sunblock in November. The only type of burn they get there is a wind burn. (We had to chuckle as we saw it will be snowing tonight in Decatur.) Needless to say we are in some serious need for aloe this evening.

If anything, maybe these pictures will intice you to visit us.

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SuperMom said...

What a fun day; the ocean looks fabulously gorgeous!