Sunday, January 07, 2007

Finding Another "Home"

Another hard part of moving is finding a church "home". When we first moved to Illinois we lucked out. We found an awesome church on the first try. In fact we never even tried another church in the 4 years we lived there. When we moved to Decatur we were not as lucky. We tried numerous churches before settling, and even then it still never feeling "right". I am not sure if it was because of the point we were in our lives with Allison being so sick when we first moved then her dying or if we just never found a fit. But I definitely felt "unfilled" while living there.

So off to North Carolina we went. Talk about a whole new world down here. Church is very popular. And if you are looking for a baptist church, you will be able to find one on almost every corner. We tried two different churches here and actually liked both of them. But for some reason we felt like God was telling us that we should really consider making Triangle Community Church our "home". The first time there we ran into 3 people we knew. And considering we had only been in NC for less than 3 weeks, we felt that was more than a coincidence. So after lots of discussion we decided to attend a seminar today to learn more about the beliefs, background and structure of the church. It was ran by the head pastor and for those who knew how much we loved our first pastor in Illinois, Tony, I think we could like Pastor Doug even better. Pastor Doug was so down to earth and so honest on his beliefs that I just felt like I was at home.

So for those who are still searching out there. Don't do what we did. Don't settle for something that is just "okay" or "easy". Nothing about God should just be "okay".


Val, that's me said...

Aw, that's so true. I like your reasoning. Makes complete sense. Thank you for that reminder.

Michelle Pendergrass said...

You're right about "Nothing about God should just be "okay."

I'm glad you found a church. Sometimes that's one of the hardest things we have to do.

mama2dibs said...

Amen! We did the same thing in Indiana. I will NEVER do that again!