Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

It seems that Mother Nature really wanted to show me what I am missing since moving South. We are now under a snow advisory and they are calling for about 5 inches total for today. What a difference between here and North Carolina. Schools are still in session, stores are full of people and the streets are full.

While I hate snow with a passion, I have to admit it is pretty to look at.

Matt and Chris a week ago when we had school cancelled for a "snow day".
Our yard in NC on the "snow day".

Merchant Street in Decatur as the snow began to really fall.
Nelson Park in Decatur. (Now I have to admit this is pretty)
Lake Decatur where we took our boat out.

Our old house in Decatur.


Val, that's me said...

what a day today, eh, Alexis?! And to think most didn't even get out for a "snow day" here today! I guess because it's just second nature :) Glad you got to see some pretties today on your last full day here. I really love the pic you took of Merchant. One of Val's lop-sided well-knowns ;) Really pretty pics. Makes me want to go out and snap. The farthest I will probably get is my back yard, but, Neil IS coming home early today... Hmmm...

I'm sure going by Cedar Hill was really hard for you. (((hugs)) But what a great journey you are on now . . .

Can't wait to see ya tonight!!!!


Jamie said...

Hehe I just had a thought...... can you imagine the school bus drivers in NC if they had to drive in this today lmao that would be worthy of AFHV

Leesha said...

You got some cool pics.

My kids got out @ 1:15 and by that time it had stopped snowing.

Josie thought for sure there wouldn't be any school today....yeah you are going girlfriend. LOL

Jenn said...

beautiful pictures, we don't get much snow here in Oklahoma, mostly ice if we get anything at all.