Thursday, April 12, 2007

This Little Piggy

Okay I admit it. I am addicted to pedicures. Last night I decided to take a walk on the wild side and not go with my normal "I'm Not Really a Waitress" color. Instead I went with a bright pink called "The Lifeguard Makes Me Blush". I even got a little more wild and had them do a design. Don't they look springy?

And even better the pink color will go great with the two new pairs of sandals I bought yesterday. (Val you would actually like the shoes I bought)


Jill said...

Oh ma Gah!! My toes are ALWAYS I'm not really a waitress red!!! I love that color!!

GymMom34 said...

Very Springy!!! Too bad it was snowing here this morning. No flip flops for me for awhile. I don't think any polish can make my little Fred Flintstone feet look any better :)

it's me, Val said...

Beeeeuuutiful! But you know it's very rude to talk about your toes, pedicures, and flip-flops when it's so frickin' cold in Illinois and you have some very dear friends here. ;c)

So these shoes are not plastic shoes with holes and them and fugly, are they? lmbo ;-p

mama2dibs said...

Snow...that is what is on the ground here...yuck!

But I do LOVE your toes. I want to get a pedicure done. I was going to use it as a reward for one of my weight loss goals, but now that I'm pregnant...I'm not gonna be losing anymore weight for awhile!

Jamie said...

How very cute. Won't comment on the fact you can wear flip flops and sandals its already been covered haha. I need to find a cheap good place to get mine done here.