Friday, May 04, 2007

Especially Heather

You may remember my post about Heather a few weeks ago. Heather is this amazing woman who just a few short weeks ago was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She is only 32-years-old. Yesterday she had surgery to try to remove the tumor and right now she is in recovery and stable.

Heather and her husband have a beautiful daughter who by all medical standards should have died 5 years ago. And now a husband and three small children are facing the fear of losing their mom and wife to a horrible tumor. And through all those trials and struggles I have never "met" two stronger people anchored in their faith.

A few days ago Heather posted this on her blog entry:

I read your comments about how “amazing” and “strong” and “inspirational” I am, and I smile, because in reality I am no different than you. Its great to hear those things, I won’t deny that- but the truth is I had a horrible horrible thing placed in front of me, for the second time in my 32 years, and I had to face it. I, just like with Emma Grace, didn’t have any other option but to walk through this. The amazing, strong and inspirational part of my story is due to Christ alone. He alone carried me through this with Grace, and continues to do so. If I had to walk through this without Him, there would be so much anger and hate in my posts- because my heart without Him is nothing short of disgusting.

Anger, bitterness, and hatred are Satan’s tools. They steal the hope that has been given to us at such a huge price. There are people that I haven’t been able to pray for in years, yet I find myself praying for them now- even in the midst of this, Christ alone gives me that strength. He reminds me that His love is not just for those I deem worthy, because I am so unworthy myself. His love is far reaching, it is all compassing, and in all honesty it is completely undeserved by any of us.

I guess what I am trying to say, and failing at miserably at is this. Let it go. Embrace Christ’s promise to never leave or forsake you and remember that He, in His darkest hour, asked that God take the cup from his hand. But God didn’t. And Christ continued to walk the path that he knew would lead to his death. Some relationships will never heal. Some hurts will never subside. Yet Christ’s love is sufficient to mend what we cant. He will not leave you, especially in your darkest hour.

Don’t let Satan in. That is one of the many things I have learned in the last 7 days. Whenever I feel that pull of anger towards someone, I pray for them. Whenever my heart feels bitter about something, I lay it at His feet.

Because, hear me very clearly, life can change in the blink of an eye. In the end, our entitlement means nothing. Our anger means nothing. Our bitterness means nothing.

Our testimony is all we will leave behind.

Wow. Can I just say how much I feel that entry was written for me.

Go to Heather's site. Read it. Hear about her amazing strength, courage and unfaltering love for God. Then offer her prayers of healing, comfort and hope for not only her, but her husband and children as well. She is living proof that God does answer prayers.


Tracey said...

Alexis, I just want to thank you for posting the link to her blog a couple weeks ago. I've been following her story and it is so inspiring. Her faith and strength just amaze me. I've been thinking about her all week and obsessively checking for updates on her site. She is one amazing woman.

Jenn said...

Alexis you're writing moves me. Thank you for reminding me of life and how quickly it can change.