Friday, May 04, 2007

My Mom

My mom says I never talk about her in my blog. So in honor of Mother's Day next week I thought I would dedicate a whole entry to her.

Growing up I would have to admit I had a "love to hate" relationship with my mother. At the time I saw everything she did and said as being "out to ruin my life". As an adult, and a mother myself, I know everything she did and said was because she loved me.

My mom is such an interesting and a fun person to be around. You never quite know what she will say. She is so innocent on worldly things that it is cute. I never will forget her telling the story of using "slang" terms in her classroom thinking it meant the same thing it did 40 years ago.

My mom eat, sleeps and breathes Ohio State, especially Ohio State football. She is who I got my passion for books from. She spends even more money on books than I do, and except for her goofy "Murder She Wrote" series, we love the same type of books. My mom loves ballpoint pens. She had a thousand speciality pens made for her classroom (of course they said Vayan Bucks, or Go Bucks in Spanish). She has a weird habit of collecting hotel, restaurant, bank and any other type of ballpoint pens. The cheaper the better. Give her a set of golf clubs or a swimming pool and she is a happy camper. She loves animals and has been known to save injured animals she finds laying on the side of the road or ones that seem to wind up in my parents yard. She can't cook worth a darn, but she can order some great takeout.

My mom was one of the people who helped me through Allison's death. I never will forget how she helped me those last few days in the hospital nor the insightful words she said. I also thank her for making me laugh during some of the darkest days of my life.

We haven't always gotten along, but what bratty teenagers do? (yes I was a brat) But I am proud to call my mom one of my best friends. I pray that someday I can be as much of an awesome mom to my kids, as she was, and continues to be to me.

Happy early Mother's Day mom. I love you.


Kim said...

Hooray for the Mom post. I don't think my mom has ever "read" my blog. I know that she peeks from time to time to see pictures of the girls, but as far as I know, my sister is the only family member who actually reads it.

I hope you are having a great week.

Jamie said...

Tell Pat that I had Happy Mothers Day!! and that I love her!! I have met Pat and she is the Coolest mom I know. She is the funniest woman with a fanny pack too!! (((Hugs to Pat!!))) haha can you tell I really like your mom!

Leesha said...

I can relate to the "love/hate relationship". My mom & I were the same way. As an adult I finally realized she does know what she's talking about "sometimes" LOL

Pat is an awesome woman, I have had the great pleasure of meeting her & she is a "mom to all". Happy Mother's Day to you. You have brought up a very wonderful daughter (& I'm sure it wasn't an easy task...LOL).

Hey Jamie I love her fanny pack...I have two!!!! ;)

Jill said...

Isn't it amazing how much more we appreciate our own moms after we become one!

By the way, did you see that you're a star at 5 Minutes for Mom today :-)

kiknapp said...

Hello Alexis!

Since your mom is like a second Mom to me, I thought I would second your motion on praising her and expound on those same qualities that make her an amazing wife, Mother, teacher, and friend.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Chica (as I call her) for many years. When I first met her I had begun teaching at a high school where she was already a seasoned veteran. Being a first year teacher at this school, I did not have the time to get to know her until unfortunately the end of my first school year.
It was a chance meeting in the hallway of all places, that we had the time to really meet. In those few short moments that we chatted, a connection was made that would bond our friendship to this day.

Ironically, the end of this school year also found me pregnant for the first time. Being a person who had never been exposed to babies or small children before, I was understandably terrified. Sensing this fear, "our Mom" was there for me from day one. She supported me with comforting words, hugs, jokes, patient listening, and even had you email me for encouragement. She brought me orange juice every day at school to contribute to the baby’s health, and had the unmitigated temerity to buy the baby an OSU cheerleading outfit (a “no no” for tomboy jocks like me *lol*) for my baby shower.

As our friendship grew, she continued her caring and support; helping me through the toughest times in my life, i.e., child rearing, health problems, depression, harassment, slandering, and my subsequent firing from teaching. I really do not know how I would have made it through those times without her, and I am forever honored to call her one of my closest friends and my "surrogate mom."

Thank you Alexis for your graciousness in sharing your mom with me.