Thursday, June 14, 2007

And The Winner Is Hendrick Motorsports

I have to take a moment away from frogs and Williamsburg, Va entries to share my excitement in Nascar's biggest news of the year –– Dale Earnhardt Jr. will be racing for Hendrick Motorsports starting the 2008 season. Wow. Wow. Wow.

Hendrick racing is one of the "superpowers" of Nascar. With Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson and Casey Mears as teammates how can you go wrong. I know people want to see different drivers and teams win, but I just want to see some good racing. Yes I love seeing Gordon and Jimmy win, but what racing is what it is all about.

I have always liked Jr, but as a Jeff Gordon fan it has always been a huge "no-no". But now the times are changing. After all there still is Tony Stewart to root against. And even a bigger bonus is Kyle Busch will be leaving Hendrick. Good riddance I say.

Now the question is what will the fans at Talladaga do? Can't really throw beer cans at your own teammate.


it's me, Val said...

This is way way way over my head. But I'm glad to see you happy :)

KC said...

LOL.. I can tell you are excited.. Can't say I'm in to it, but I do understand the excitement.. My big thing aside from my kids baseball, softball and t-ball games to be excited over is the NBA play off's my team is in the Championship.. So I understand the excitement and I'm glad your happy.
Happy WW.

Anne said...

I saw that! I'm so excited! Jeff Gordon is my absolute favorite and I can't wait to see how Jr. does teaming up with him and JJ. Should be exciting. :-)

Mikki said...

Hey there. Thanks for stopping by. Wow, your a Nascar fan too!! How cool is that. JR's move has been a hot topic around our house. We're not DIEHARD Nascar fans but we enjoy the races. We actually don't live that far from Daytona. Although, since we live here..we don't go to the races.LOL.

This will be a good move for Gordon too. I think it will be alot easier for people to like him now that he has JR as a partner.

Love the beach pictures. We used to live up north and only 4 hours from Williamsburg. We took a couple trips there when our girls were younger. We loved it.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to be back to visit.

mama2dibs said...

I'm sorry, don't hate me...but I can't STAND Gordon (or Johnson for that matter)! It has to do with the fact that the person who hooked me on NASCAR is a big Jr. fan. Anyway, I know this is a SMART move on Jr.'s part,'s just weird. Oh how times change.

GO NEWMAN! Dang the rain...he only needed a few more laps and he would have washed Gordon out. :)