Friday, September 07, 2007

Calling All Summer Reading Challenge Participants

Well? Well? How did you do? For those who may be wondering what in the world is the Summer Reading Challenge you can read here for a quick recap.

Remember this was NOT a contest nor a race. This was just about trying to read more. So all you challenge participants, did you meet your goal? What was your favorite book? Would you participate in a reading challenge again?

My goal was to read 21 books. I finished 22 books.
  1. Daddy Needs A Drink by Robert Wilder
  2. Nine Months in August by Adriana Bourgoin
  3. The 6th Target by James Patterson
  4. A Sister's Secret by Wanda Brunstetter
  5. Lean Mean 13 by Janet Evanovich
  6. Home Again by Kristin Hannah
  7. The Last Summer (of You and Me) by Ann Brashares
  8. Second Chance by Jane Green
  9. Bygones by Kim Vogel Sawyer
  10. The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood
  11. Sanibel Flats by Randy Wayne White
  12. How To Be Cool by Johanna Edwards
  13. Cocktails for Three by Madeline Wickham
  14. Summer by the Sea by Susan Wiggs
  15. The Yummy Mummy by Polly Williams
  16. The Note - Angela Hunt
  17. Saving Alice - David Lewis
  18. Summer - Karen Kingsbury
  19. Going Home by Wanda Brunstetter
  20. The Nanny Diaries by Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus
  21. Just Beyond The Clouds - Karen Kingsbury
  22. Mommy Tracked - Whitney Gaskell
As far as my favorite, I don't really have one. I read so many different types of books that I can say something good about each one. I recommend reading all of them! (Yes I am an indecisive person)

Can't wait to hear how everyone did! And stay tuned. There will be more challenges in the future.


Jamie said...

OK well my goal was 21 books and yes I did read all 21. Unfortunatly I did not go over. It was quite the struggle to finish them all but it was a busy summer. I did try to break up the usual genre and read some quite interesting books. Some I liked some I din't so much however, I am not sure what was my favorite.

Michelle said...

Well, my goal was 8 books. I think I only finished 6! I few books shy, but hey, things happen. There were a few weeks during this summer that were spent, well, being a sick newly preggo gal. Happy that's all over, but there were many non-productive days in there!! What can you do?!

Kudos to all of you who met your goals!!

Merrill said...

Well, I set a goal of 21 (because there are 21 letters in "Summer Reading Challenge", and I only read 15. Toward the end, I was slow getting books from PBS so...

What fun! I can't wait for the next challenge!

lil ole' me..... said...

My goal was 15 books. I read 18!
I am really thankful that you suggested we challenge ourselves. I have always loved books and reading, but this challenge gave me a reason to really dive in to the books this summer! And, I have been continuing since the challenge ended. So, in a way, you have renewed my love of reading!

As far as favorites go.. that is tough. I really liked My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult, and Divine by Karen Kingsbury.
Oh, and as far as non fiction goes, Facing Your Giants by Max Lucado was excellent!

And, I just finished a book today, Sophie's Heart by Lori Wick (after the challenge ended, but I must recommend it- such a good story!)

Congrats on surpassing your goal!

it's me, Val said...

I had no goal. Give me more time and I'll be able to have a goal. I hate not having time. I really do. I'm just not in the best mood today at all. Anyway . . . .

You are the one good with words. . . I'm waiting for you to put together some ideas for me. You have till Wednesday, lady.

mama2dibs said...

My goal was 10. I read 8 1/2. I've finished 9 1/2 now. I should have number 10 finished by Thursday. Close, but no cigar!