Monday, December 10, 2007

Saying "Hi"

Well I made it back about 2 am Friday from Illinois, after being delayed and then sitting over an hour in the plane while we were being deiced. (Note to self: Try to plan Cat meetings in non-snowy seasons only) Luckily I came back to some awesome weather to make up for it (74 degrees today and high 70s all this week).

I have been busy hanging with the kids and Matt and just doing some family stuff together. The kids begged me not to leave them for 4 days again with dad. Makes me feel loved. But seriously Matt did awesome with the kids. So what if Chris drank 10 juice boxes in a matter of four days and the kids ate Papa Johns pizza every night.

I am swamped with work right now. While it is a good thing, it is also a bit stressful, considering it seems to all be due yesterday. So between my projects, the holidays, the last few weeks of the kids school and some other things my head is going to spin off.

I have a bunch of pictures to post from this weekend. Hopefully I will manage to get that done in the next few days. After all, I would much rather blog than write about chicken vaccinations, mining trucks and Wilmington NC real estate.

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oh amanda said...

Flying in the winter is the worst! I had to LOL about the juice boxes! Welcome back.