Monday, July 14, 2008

Oak Island 2008 –– Beach Week #1

Three weeks ago, we went for our 7th annual Oak Island beach trip with friends from college. In 2000 Matt & Kate invited us to come along and other than 2001 (the year they got married) and 2003 (the year I was due July 4 with Sami) we have always come to Oak Island the same week in June. Throughout the years we have had other couples/families in our "college group" come with us as well. This was Steve and Jess's 4th year coming and unless they are having a wee one next year at this time, they will be back.

We always share a house and during this week all together there are about 6 houses and almost 40 kids in our "party" (brothers of Kate's and their families, other friends of theirs, etc) After 7 years together all the houses are like one big happy family. It is neat to watch the kids all grow up together each summer. And since the number of girls is almost double of boys, someday Chris will really enjoy going to the beach.

I have uploaded over 200 pictures here. The humidity was so high that I had some problems with my lens a few days so some of the pictures are wacked. And due to my fear of sand in my Nikon, I mainly used my point and shoot while on the beach. I regret that now. Oh well. Make sure you check out the pictures for some really cool storm shots. During my two weeks at Oak Island, it only rained one time but it was such a cool storm rolling up the coast I had to get pictures.

Here are a few sneak peeks into our week. For the rest, you will need to make sure you check out my shots here. I'll blog about week #2 shortly.

My birthday cake! I turned 33 while at the beach and Kate surprised me with this cool cake. She even put bathing suits on the teddy grahams!

Emily still loves to play in the sand. At almost 13, it was interesting to watch how she and the other older girls hung out. It was way less sand time this year and mush more body surfing and walks.

Chris hates to get his picture taken.

Sami being, well, Sami.

Me and Sami.

Everyone in our beach house (Geneva Too). Matt and Kate and their 3 wee girls, ourselves and Steve and Jess with their daughter Gabby.

All the kids in our beach house acting silly.

Our family. I need to find a new person to run my camera next year. LOL

The beach in the am. One this I love about Oak Island is that it is so not touristy. So quiet and peaceful.

Can you say Daddy's girl?

Matt & I out at dinner.
My girls posing while on a walk to the marina.

Some of the older kids in our "party". They were trying to organize a soccer game.

Matt pulling Sami on the boogie board. Sami lived in the water practically all week.

Matt digging his daily hole. I have no idea why he did this, but he thought it was cool to dig a hole each day. Must be a guy thing.


Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Looks like SO much fun!

And girl, I just have to look AWESOME!

Michelle Pendergrass said...

I love that cake!! I had to click on the picture to blow it up so I could appreciate the detail. What awesome friends you have!

And the hole digging? Every day? Huh. That's just not right. ;)

Madison Richards said...


So fun to hear about your beach week! Now that we've done a beach vacation, I feel pretty confident it won't be our last! I love hearing about your get togethers each summer with your college group - it's so great to stay in touch like that!

Fantastically fun pics!

Deborah said...

great pictures. yes, I looked through all 400+ (slow day at work)...

sounds like you had a great vacation.

Spice said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Love that cake! And I love the new look of your blog - looks great!

it's me, Val said...

I read this on my bloglines and forgot to comment -- oops! The pics of the kids in their matching outfits is so cute :) And Sami is just looking way too big. It's just not possible...