Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Year With My Camera - A 365 Day Project

I have decided to jump on the 365 Day Project bandwagon. For those who are not familiar with this project it basically means that you take a picture each day to document your life, while trying to improve your photography skills. It will be cool to look back after day 365 and see the past year in photos.

It's never to late to hop on the bandwagon. Just start from whatever day you wish. If you do decide to join, or already, feel free to post me a link. I'd love to follow yours.

So bookmark, follow or put in your reader or bloglines my 365 day project blog at this link. I am sure there will be some interesting photos throughout the year. And as always, comments are welcome!


Ang said...

Oh that looks like a cool thing to do!! Did you get on your last post where I posted the city?

Kimberley said...

I read this post yesterday, and it haunted me all night long! Today, I visited the link to 365, and I am so IN!!! Can't wait! Thanks for the inspiration...I'm following yours!