Friday, June 26, 2009

Yes We Made It

We made it to the US safe and sound. Sorry I haven't blogged the past almost 2 weeks. Between massive jet lag, a beach vacation, catching up with friends, managing the kids myself and living out of suitcases I haven't found any time to blog.

But, Matt just boarded a plane and will be here tomorrow night. I told him he was my designated hitter and it was his turn with the kids for a few days. So hopefully once he is a bit less jet lagged, I will have time to catch everyone up on what all we have been up to. Maybe even load a few digital camcorders video on here.

I promise I will get to your blogs too. Sorry I have been such a bad blogger and commenter lately.


Melanieshea said...

Glad you made it and have been having fun!!! I know you can't wait to see your sweetie!!!!
praying for safe travels!!! Hugs!!

Louise said...

Yeah that is so exciting!!
Have a great vacation :)

Ang said...

So glad you all made it! Enjoy your time with family and will be over before you know it! Be safe:)

Terri said...

glad you made it and let us know! Have a fantastic time.

Mike said...

We arrived from vacation two weeks ago. The suitcases are still unpacked. :)

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