Monday, August 03, 2009

Knock Knock... Who's There?

I am sure people don't remember me since it has been SIX weeks since my last entry. Yikes! I know. I had all these envisions of blogging all our summer experiences and trips, but somehow time has just gone by so quickly that when I actually found the time to sit and think about blogging it was 2 am.

This summer has been crazy busy. We spent two weeks at the beach in Oak Island, went to a college dorm "reunion" cookout, my family reunion, camping, Put-in-Bay, Illinois, Missouri, and spent lots of time visiting family and friends. Don't worry, I promise to post pictures from all this.

The kids have done great up until the past few days. They are more than ready to stop living out of suitcases, sleep in their own bed again and just get back into their normal routine.

So after being here 7 1/2 weeks we fly out in only 5 days. I am sure the next 5 days will be full of packing, last minute shopping, last visits and probably even a few tears.

And for all my blogging pals that I am 6 weeks behind in reading, I promise to get to them soon.


Carey said...

Good to hear from you. Glad your having a great time. Enjoy the rest of your visits and h ave a safe trip home.

mama2dibs said...

I think we can forgive you. I, personally, would rather you be enjoying your time in the US than blogging about it. We have to choose our priorities in life and I think you chose the right one this time around. :) Looking forward to hearing about all of your fun in the US...when you get around to it.

Terri said...

I never gave up on you Alexis! Knew you would be back. Can't wait to hear about your adventures back here in the States.

Ang said...

Oh I am so glad you guys have had a great summer..excited to see all the pictures!! You all be safe traveling back..((hugs))