Monday, August 17, 2009

Speed Blogging

Our summer consisted of 8 weeks covering 9 states and sleeping in 11 different beds. Needless to say no free directory assistant would have been able to find us this summer. So to share some of our summer adventures I thought I would do a bit of "speed blogging".

The kids and I flew back to the states on June 12. We spent the first week at the beach with Keri, Shannon and their kids. It was relaxing to work my jet lag off with my feet in the sand.

See more beach week #1 pictures here.

The following week Emily went to gymnastics camp, the kids and I spent visiting North Carolina friends, at the pool and attending Sami and Ryan's "wedding".

See more Hanging in NC pictures here.

Matt flew into North Carolina June 26, where we spent our annual week at the beach with college friends and their families. This year the beach crew consisted of 5 houses with 23 kids aged 13 and under.

You can see more Beach Week #2 pictures here.

On July 5 we headed to our parents house, but not before stopping in Columbus to attend a "Blackburn Hall" reunion and staying overnight with our friends Josh and Laurie.

The next 3 weeks, before Matt flew back to Japan, were full of spending time with family and friends, soccer camp, an overnight trip to Put-in-Bay, a family reunion at Lake Erie and camping with all our nieces and nephews.

Lots more pictures can be found here, here and here.

Matt flew back on July 23, while the girls and I took a road trip to Missouri and Illinois for a week. (Chris stayed back for some one-on-one time with the grandparents) It was a very nice and relaxing week.

Lots of Missouri pictures here and Illinois pictures here.

After Illinois it was back to Ohio for 9 days, before driving back to North Carolina for a day and then flying out.

It was a jam packed summer, as you can tell. But it was also a summer full of memories, laughter and even some tears.


Terri said...

awww; feel so sad that you guys had to leave and you were all around MI and I didn't even get to run into you (lol). Glad you had a great summer. Now get those kids back in school and start doing fabulous Japan posts again! :o)

DeeDee said... glad someone else is speed blogging...I am doing the same, so check out me on my blog when u get time. So happy you got to be home for a longggg time, but I am sure your parents didn't think it was long enough. Even though I was off for the summer alsoo, I thought about you alot and prayed for you family as always. Joy, Debi

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