Sunday, June 06, 2010

How to Make Onigiri -- Sami Style

Onigiri is a staple food in the Japanese diet. An onigiri is a white rice ball (although it is usually triangular shaped), sometimes filled with some type of tuna, salmon, plum or other salty or sweet treat. Onigiri is often wrapped in nori (seaweed) or mixed with beans and/or mushrooms. You can walk into any convenience store and find a wide variety of onigiri. While we Americans would typically walk into a convenience store and buy a candy bar, a Japanese person would buy onigiri

Sami loves onigiri. She doesn’t like the ones with fish in them, but she does like the ones with plum, mushrooms, plain or with sprinkles. Someone suggested for me to buy Sami an onigiri maker set for her birthday.  You can find ones in all different shapes for kids. She was so surprised when she opened the box. 

She begged us tonight to let her make onigiri for her lunch. How could we resist? 
 First, you scoop the rice into the onigiri mold. 

Next, smash the rice down and pack in as much as you can. 

Press down the lid and hold for a few seconds. 

Press the little button in the back and eject the onigiri onto your plate or in your bento box. 

Lick your fingers when you think mom isn't looking. 

Our family likes the gomashiro (sesame seeds and salt) sprinkles so we added it to a few of the finished onigiri. As you can see we have the traditional triangle, bear, star, flower and heart. 

There you go. How to make onigiri –– Sami style!

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