Wednesday, August 11, 2010

American Summer in Review

Well after 8 weeks in the United States, we are back home safe and sound. Well sound is a relative term, right? I mean really how sound can one be after traveling across the world with 3 kids alone with 8 suitcases containing 408 pounds of junk (yes those were exact weights upon boarding the airplane) and 4 carry-ons?

We had a busy, but wonderful summer. I won’t bore you with all the details, but some of the highlights include:

Two weeks in North Carolina (One week at our old house and one week at our annual beach trip with college friends.)

Four and a half weeks in Ohio swimming, shopping, family gatherings, camping, meeting with friends, a little get-a-way for Matt and I, running a 5 mile race and just spending time with our family. We have to make up for the 10 months we have been gone right?

Five days in Illinois spending time with friends, lots of shopping and helping one of my close friend’s pack for their family’s big move to Omaha, Nebraska.

And finally five days in Hawaii, just me and the kids. It was nice to have some downtime from such a crazy and wild summer before heading back to Japan. I hope the last few days were ones my kids will always remember. I know I will.

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Being back with friends, family and American shopping and food was wonderful. But it was different, very different. I didn't realize how much this move has changed my perspective on things until I went back “home”. But that is a totally different blog post.

So bear with me a few days to unpack and get over my jet lag and I will be back in blogging (and reading!) action. I am sure with my rusty Japanese and lack of driving on the left side I will have some great “Yes, Alexis really did that” stories to tell.

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Anuan said...

Totally agree with you about seeing things in a different perspective. I think the Japan experience changes people.
Welcome back.